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L’Inverno II

Check out Flo-M’s latest release - in stores and on all platforms now! Being inspired by one of his greatest idols Flo-M forged his first rap ballad from beautiful baroque sounds..
Join him masterfully telling the true story of falling in love for the first time during a hot & passionate winter night.

Previous Work


Come to the dark his darkest track so far Flo-M deals with the all dominating force of creation itself and how it impacts him as an artist. Sometimes it’s a thin line between madness and ingenuity..
Let yourself be drawn into the depths of raw creativity riding an intriguing & pounding beat.

My Flow

Check out Flo-M’s dope & fresh late summer track.. After a long time of producing music for other artists and clients Flo-M finally is back on the MIC..
My Flow is the first outlet from the all new sophisticated & magnificent upcoming Flo-M Hip Hop album to hit stores in 2021..

Film Music

Check out Flo-M’s favourite car launch film. Here he did not just craft the soundtrack and the sound design but also had a short appearance as a DJ!


From 2015 through 2017 Flo-M produced HOPE. An incredibly gifted young singer with her debut single San Francisco to hit the Top 40 on USA Dance Radio and become very popular across the world.

Ode to Joy 2k4

In 2004 Flo-M created the first ever official Hip Hop Version of the European Anthem by the Council of Europe. The track gained massive attention and world wide plays throughout the entire second half of the 2000s as well as over 40.000 CDs sold